National Homeless and Hunger Awareness Week


Missions, shelters, soup kitchens, and food pantries participate in National Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week annually.  As in the past three, WellSpring, will once again be doing its part to raise awareness about these crucial issues while raising funds to provide pathways to prosperity for the homeless families we serve. From Sunday, November 11- Saturday, November 17th, WellSpring will be holding an array of events to engage the Morgan County community. Every day during that week a different restaurant(s) around the county will host a Dine to Donate with a percentage of sales being applied to the $37.00 per hour it takes to provide shelter, food, clothing, laundry facilities, a Homework Club, success coaching, and an array of classes designed to assist families become self-sufficient. WellSpring staff and volunteers will be collecting items from shoppers at Rural King located at 180 S. Ohio Street in Martinsville throughout the week.

On Friday night Nov. 16 starting at 7:00 through Saturday at 7 AM throughout Morgan County and beyond, WellSpring board members, staff, community leaders, and others concerned about those experiencing hunger and homelessness will participate in BYOB- Bring Your Own Box. Youth groups, service clubs, teachers (MSD Martinsville alone currently has more than 400 homeless students), and even senior citizens will grab a box and sleeping bag and “Sleep Out” to help evict homelessness from our community.

We are recruiting those who will join us and be willing to experience one night of being uncomfortable so others can have access to the resources they need to stabilize their lives and begin working toward success. Our sleepers can choose to form their own group with family, friends, co-workers, and fellow parishioners at a location of their choosing (preferably a highly visible area with access to adequate lighting and restroom facilities), or they can join groups already being formed. From 7 PM-10PM that night, a speaker will drop by your location and educate your group on hunger and homelessness, and answer any questions. Saturday morning, we will be back around with fresh donuts, coffee, and of course our sincere gratitude.

While your 12 hours of “Sleeping Out” will raise awareness and WCBK, KORN, the Reporter Times and others will cover the event, but that is only half of our initiative. We encourage all sleepers to raise at least 3 hours of operational support ($111.00). We will supply you with sponsorship sheets, or your supporters can make their donation through our website via Paypal. All those raising at least that amount will receive a purple (the color for homelessness) ribbon lapel pin to allow you to continue to raise awareness throughout the year.

Might we include you in our group of sleepers? For questions or more details you may reach me at 765-342-6661 ext. 304 or